About Me

Hi! My name is Florian Keßeler and I'm a freelance software engineer and programmer. I've been programming for as long as I can remember, starting on my outdated 286 in the early 90s. My first computer as a child was too old to play all the games I wanted to play, so instead I did what every good nerd does: I taught myself programming.

What do I have to offer?

Professional Work Experience

I worked as a space systems and satellite software engineer for OHB System AG since 2011. In this job, I was first maintaining the software of several science support computers in the European Columbus module onboard the International Space Station ISS. Later I moved to satellite system software and worked on several earth observation satellites.

My primary responsibilities were low level hardware drivers and communication systems. After a while I joined a team that developed a shared software platform and tools used in all the companies future satellite projects.

Before that and during my University studies I worked as a programmer for SMA Solar Technology AG, where I was mainly concerned with embedded Linux and hardware driver development.


I graduated from University Bremen in 2011 with a Diploma in Computer Science. For everyone outside of the German language sphere: that's roughly comparable to Master's degree.
I specialized in low level systems programming, embedded systems and robotics.

Before that I conducted an off-the-job training to become a certified mathematical technical assistant. If you are not familiar with the title, and very few people are, mathematical technical assistants specialize in computerized numeric approximation and heuristics with a strong focus on programming, but also get supplementary training on digital electronics, database systems and economics.

Since 2016, I am also a iSAQB certified Professional Software Architect (CPSA Foundation Level) after completing a 30 hour training course.

Freelance Projects


Dutch company Soundfocus specializes in creating audio descriptions of movies and TV series for visually impaired people.

They created an app for iOS and Android that listens to the audio of a movie or series episode to find out which part of the movie is currently playing. Then, it reads back a prerecorded description of what is happening on screen to the user on their headphones.

In the beginning I was helping the main app development team with getting the detection algorithm running on both their mobile operating systems. A bit later, Soundfocus asked me to help finding and fixing performance bottlenecks in the software. After that, I took over development of the apps and added several features.

Personal Interests and Projects

Many of my hobbies also deal with computers in general. I collect vintage computers and game consoles, mostly from the 8 and 16 bit era, refurbishing and upgrading them. I also enjoy writing software for old computers, mainly out of a computing history curiosity.

I also participate in Game Jams, where the goal is to develop a video game in a usually very short time frame. Video games are what brought me into programming as a child and I've since spent a lot of time working on hobby projects. Game Jams (like Ludum Dare) are interesting because they require a certain skill set: To be successful, one has to be a quick programmer, but also good at time management, decision making and design.

Besides that I am interested in science in general, literature and music. I also enjoy Volleyball and running (even if I am not exactly the fastest runner).

Visit my GitHub profile to see some of the projects I am working on in my spare time.

Hire Me / Contact

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or requests. I will be happy to help you find out what we need to do to make your project a success and work out the conditions. I usually respond to emails within one day.



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Florian Keßeler
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VAT ID/USt-IdNr: DE301514056